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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Keeping the home fires burning

This wood burner is one of the best things I have ever bought.

It's hot; REALLY hot! I don't know how they measure these things, but it belts out a whopping 8kw of heat. We never set out to buy a 'real' fire. We trawled the showrooms looking at gas fires. We found a couple that were ok. They were hole-in-the-wall gas fires, which looked slick, but for the hefty £600+ price tag, it was very expensive for what what would have been essentially a decorative item, outputting only about 3kw or less.

I had a woodburner in mind from the start, but Kerry had dismissed them as old-fashioned. But on the way out of a showroom one afternoon, he practically tripped over a little stove similar to this one and said 'Oh, that looks nice!'. So we found this one at a reasonable £300ish and bought it from here:


Of course we then had great fun knocking a giant hole in the chimney breast:

We then tiled the inside with natural slate tiles to give a look that would satisfy both my old-fashioned taste and Kerry's more modern, minimalist taste. Here it is in all it's hot glory:

There's nothing like a real fire. It's cosy, interesting, comforting, fun and very hot. And I think it doesn't half look good too! The rest of the living room is a mess right now. But it will be finished one day. Here is my mood board:

They're not my favourite sort of sofas, but there's nothing wrong with them, so we'll have to live with them for now and have had to design the room to incorporate them.

As I have said, the living room is a mess right now, but the fire is delightful and makes me feel cheerful and homely in spite of the poor surroundings. Fires have that effect on you. Get one if you can. 

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